The Culture RUSH newsletter has been a fun project that has allowed me to share personal reflections, make connections between social justice and pop culture, and share media I’ve enjoyed. I realized a few months in that I’d like to focus more specifically on making information—especially related to academic texts and theories—more accessible topeople who are having the experiencing and doing the work that is written about. There is a chasm between academia and the real world. There is a lot to be said about that, but the issue I want to address is the time, money, and effort it takes to get through articles, journals, and books that can inform our activism, advocacy, policymaking, and conversations. Scorch is my way of make that chasm smaller. Similar to the book summarizing app Blinkist, Scorch is going to give it to you in bite-size portions and set your social justice soul on fire. I’ll do the reading and analysis. I’ll find relevant, current references. I’ll suggest actions related to the subject matter. Then I’ll serve it up in a lil package I call Scorch. Given the work involved, the value you’ll receive, and the persisting need to monetize shit to survive, this one isn’t free. It’s worth far more than the rate, so please head over to Patreon to subscribe. It’s $7/month for the newsletter only and $11/month for the newsletter plus extras like toolkits, worksheets, and audio files. Click here to come on this journey with me. Let’s scorch the earth with passion for social justice.